How we work

HM Architects is foremost a service-lending architectural agency. Our designs come about as the result of listening to our clients and listening to the location. Once we’ve done that, we can integrate our clients’ wishes and demands with the possibilities the location has to offer.

With HM Architects the design and final result is always unique, always tailor made.

Since the late 1970s, we have been engaged in developing, designing, preparing and building all sorts of construction projects. From housing to urban design. From interior design to commercial properties.

HM Architects provides advice during the startup and design phases of the project and coordinates and supervises the preparation and construction. We also manage and monitor the implementation and delivery but our work doesn’t end there. We stay involved even after the delivery to make sure the quality is sound and our client is satisfied. We are there to help right through the entire process and this not only benefits our clients, it also allows us to keep our knowledge and skills up to date.

Design and construction processes are complex. We are experienced in these processes and make sure we always keep in mind the wishes, needs and interests of our client together with the opportunities that the location has to offer.

We apply the first- and second-man principle to all our projects. In other words, the project architect is always twinned with a second architect or project manager. Both experts are always fully informed. We carefully match our Design, Architecture and Construction teams in our office. This means we will find swift solutions when necessary that keep the  project moving forward.

We have but one goal in mind: creating a building our client is proud of and that does honor to its location.